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Platelets guide the initial steps of tissue regeneration in the case of an injury, and use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can “jump-start” healing in acute injuries. However, in chronic injury such as osteoarthritis (OA), healing is stuck in the initial inflammatory phase. Before healing can begin in earnest, the inflammatory signals must be silenced and replaced with signals which promote tissue regeneration.Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1ra or IRAP) is an important mediator of this redirection.  IL-1ra (IRAP), produced primarily by WBCs, orchestrates the inflammatory response.  WBCs are the traffic cops of inflammation and can incite or stanch it, depending on environmental cues. Pro-Stride combines the beneficial effects of both PRP and IRAP in one injection.


60 mls. of blood, containing platelets and biologically active tissue-derived growth factors (including IL1-ra/IRAP), are harvested from the patient and processed on-site for administration in less than 20 minutes allowing same day treatment for your horse.  This offers convenience to the caregiver, cost savings to the owner, reduced stress to the patient and eliminates the potential harmful side effects of corticosteroids. Pro-Stride is a safe, effective treatment for the older horse or pony that has developed Cushing’s (PPID), as well as young horses for owners who would like to avoid steroids.

Pro-Stride (anti-inflammatory w/ IRAP) – advanced joint therapy treatment of concentrated proteins including IRAP/IL1-ra), cells, platelets, and growth factors.  Published results demonstrating pain relief up to one year following a single injection (A. Bertone, AJVR, Vol 75, No. 2, February 2014).  Immediate treatment in under 20 minutes (no incubation, no freezing).


  • Pain relief for up to one year* following single injection
  • Delivers a highly concentrated solution of anti-inflammatory  proteins, including IL-1ra/IRAP
  • <20 minute blood processing, one-time visit
  • Natural, autologous drug-free therapy
  • Slows cartilage degradation
  • Ambulatory based treatment
  • Has the potential for disease-modifying effects.*
  • *Am J Vet Res 2014;75:141-151)


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