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Nutrition Consultation:

Dunbarton Equine is pleased to offer nutritional consultation to ensure that your horse receives all of the proper nutrients to maintain health and peak performance. Jackie Wood, in conjunction with Performance Feeding and Kentucky Equine Research, will come to your barn to provide a complete analysis of your current feeding program, as well as your horse’s current body condition score. Jackie can then provide recommendations to your feeding program to  optimize your horse’s health, while also saving you money. If you would like to make an appointment for a nutritional consult, please call our office at 203.775.5561.

Through referral, we also provide our patients access to a complete array of medical and surgical services including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT, gastroscopy, both static and dynamic video endoscopy, soft tissue, orthopedic, and laser surgery, and colic surgery.

Please call the office to speak with one of doctors if you have questions regarding any of the services that we offer.

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