Protein Processing System

The IRAP™ system consists of a syringe containing glass beads that maximize the surface area inside the syringe. Blood that has been incubated in this unique syringe can be separated to produce autologous serum useful at the point of treatment. Because the serum is derived from the animal’s own blood, the possibility of adverse allergic or anaphylactic side effects is drastically reduced.

Features / Benefits

The IRAP device has been used safely and effectively in preparing autologous serum at the point of treatment. The serum produced using IRAP has been used worldwide by veterinary surgeons for over three years without negative reactions or side effects. Blood processed using the IRAP device produces serum containing anti-inflammatory and anti-degenerative compounds. The conditioned serum is completely autologous, and contains no drugs.

The Science behind the IRAP™ process

Defects in articular cartilage can induce osteoarthritis by causing molecular changes in the synovial fluid. Research in molecular biology discovered the major inducer of osteoarthritis was the general inflammatory cytokine Interleukin-1 (IL-1) which plays a key role in accelerating tissue destruction and the repair mechanisms. In a healthy joint IL-1 and Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) are in balanced concentrations. In cases of osteoarthritis, there is not sufficient IL-1Ra produced to block the destructive effects of the increased IL-1. The result is inflammation, joint pain, and finally cartilage destruction. In the IRAP™ syringe white blood cells bind to the glass beads. The cells are then stimulated to produce regenerative and anti-inflammatory proteins without the addition of drugs. This process takes place over an incubation period of 24 hours.


During the IRAP process, 50 mL of blood is harvested using the special patented syringe. The harvested blood is incubated for 24 hours to increase anti-inflammatory and regenerative protein concentration levels. After incubation, the syringe is placed into a centrifuge to separate the serum from the blood. The serum is extracted and may be placed into syringes or ampoules for immediate use or frozen for later use.

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