Dental Services

All horses should have a veterinary oral and dental examination at least annually. For horses 2-5 years, over 20 years, and those with known dental pathology, more frequent visits may be necessary. Decisions regarding specific frequency of visits should be based on the individual needs of the horse.

Drs. Wilford and Browne provide expert dental care to the patients of Dunbarton Equine. After a thorough video oral exam while your horse is sedated, your horse’s teeth will be “floated” to remove any sharp points or hooks, which can be sources of pain when eating or being ridden, and which will also restore normal occlusion. Extractions may be performed if any fractured teeth are found. The soft tissues of the oral cavity will be examined for any signs of pathology such as gingivitis. Your horse will also be checked for the presence of Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis, also known as EOTRH, a syndrome in horses that results in resorptive lesions of the incisors and sometimes canine teeth. While this condition is usually gradual in onset, it often isn’t diagnosed until quite extensive lesions are present and is most common in older horses.

For more complicated cases, Dunbarton Equine can arrange referral to a board certified Equine Veterinary Dentist either at your barn, or a nearby referral hospital.

Please call the office to make an appointment and ensure that your horse has a healthy, happy mouth!

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